Tour Bus, Properly Named

Today’s travels brought our group all about the crags and mountains of the Lake District. Our journey began with a peculiar looking bus appropriately adorned with a Goat due to the perilous paths and roads along which it whisked us. Our driver Tony was a wonderful tour guide, deeply knowledgeable about the Langdales, valleys, and ancient ruins (One of which was from the time of the Romans!) dappled across the green landscape.

Don’t worry mom, no one got hurt 😉

Our trip began with a drive through the gorgeous Langdales. These massive valleys, shrouded by looming mountains took our breath away. Thankfully Tony allowed our group ample time to get out of the small bus and take pictures. These valleys began quite tame, but quickly escalated as we arrived at the steepest mountain passes namely, Hardknott and Wrynose. From this point the drive became more analogous to a roller coaster ride rather than a bus tour. This led us to a quaint town named Boot, nestled among the mighty mountains and rolling hills.

Ancient Ruins!

Boot was beautifully filled with stone buildings and moss-covered walls. We ate at Brook’s Inn and Bar, a picturesque building offering authentic English cuisine. We greatly enjoyed traditional foods like black pudding and several English cheeses. The food was really very wonderful, although some of it was a little strange to our American taste. Altogether, our experience there was culturally educational, along with being quite fun.

Following our meal our group was led to a small train station where we were greeted with a tiny train. We crouched down and fit as best we could in order to squeeze in to the child-sized train cars. This little train is a part of the Eskdale Railway. Looking out the windows we were given the wonderful view of the moss-covered forest, along with pastures and plenty of sheep (to the excitement of many).

Inn and Bar in the Town of Boot

We wrapped up our excursion with a trip to the Muncaster Castle Gardens. Complete with ancient walls, a café and, a wonderful gift shop. It was here that we had our tour guide Sydnie share with us the background of William and Dorothy and how their relationship to nature shaped the content of their writing.

All-in-all, it was a wonderful day!