Today we awoke early to venture from York to Manchester for a two day stint in the city. After a train ride, in which most of us fell asleep, as trains are incredibly soothing, we walked to our new hostel.

After stowing our stuff we walked through rain to get lunch and head to an exhibition and the John Rylands Library. Rain here has become customary for us, but I would definitely say I have never used an umbrella as much in my life as I have on this trip.

Dr. Clark talked Wagamama up during our winter semester class, and it did not disappoint. Not only was it warm and dry, but the food was very good. Many of us had ramen (not pictured below) and it is NOT like the ramen we’re used to in the states. I think I wouldn’t be too far off in saying it was considerably healthier than those in the states as well.

Wagamama dish

After Wagamama, we headed over to a beautiful library for an exhibit on Magic, Witches and Devils. I took a class on that subject last semester so I was quite excited. It was interesting to see the different books that they had on the subject and the illustrations of different interpretations across cultures. When we discuss Doctor Faustus, I’m sure we’ll make connections to what we saw.

The entrance to the exhibit

Possibly my favorite part of the whole exhibit was the building itself. It looked a lot like the inside of Hogwarts and the library was amazing. Students were studying as we walked around and it was very interesting. I think it would be very hard to study in that environment, I’d just want to walk around looking at the books.

The John Rylands Library

After the library we were set free for the start of our free day tomorrow. Manchester has interesting shops that were excited to browse. Most of the girls are excited for H&M, whereas Leif and I are excited for the bookstore we passed on the way to the hostel. We’re excited for our free day tomorrow and hoping for good weather!