Shakespeare’s Birthplace
Cool Shakespeare Things
The group outside of Shakespeare’s Birthplace
Shakespeare’s Birthplace

Another day of train travel was in store for the group today! We left our hostel in Manchester to make our way to Stratford-upon-Avon. A combination of three trains and a couple blocks of walking got us to our new “home” for the next two days, the Travelodge in Stratford.

The group is always efficient  and on time while traveling (believe it or not, the choice is yours :)) so we arrived at the hotel a couple hours before we could actually check in! This made great timing to get some lunch and have a discussion about one of the texts we are studying. We all grabbed some lunch at Aldi, a super inexpensive grocery store, and ate lunch in the hotel lobby. After we ate lunch we discussed Shakespeare’s Cymbeline This is one of the many texts that the class has discussed throughout last semester and also one of the three plays we are seeing while in England!

Now it’s time for the really fun stuff! The group got to get dressed up for a night out at the theatre! Tonight we saw the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) perform CymbelineThe show had a couple spins on the play that we have talked about but everyone enjoyed it. Cymbeline is traditionally the story of  Imogen, the daughter of the King of Britain who has gone against her fathers orders and married a man of lower standings instead of marrying her step-brother the son of a evil queen. In this telling of the story Cymbeline is the name of the King but in the play we saw tonight the role were reversed and it was the name of the queen!

Before we saw the play we got to visit the birthplace of William Shakespeare. We got to walk through the house and it even had the original floor boards. After we browsed the home we went through the gift shop where there was a little something for everyone! Leif got a book that was based on Star Wars in Shakespearean writing. I even got a book of cats in Shakespeare settings. We then roamed the cute little streets that were filled with shops and restaurants.

Over all we had a great day of little travel and a lot of exploring. Tomorrow we look forward to more sunny weather and visiting Mary Arden’s farm.