Today we made our way from Stratford- upon- Avon to our next destination of Bath. After three trains and a slight delay, we made it to this beautiful city, we checked into the hostel we are staying at. During our stay at Bath all seven of the girls will be staying in the same room, so we will definitely have lots of time for bonding these next four days! We are all very excited about it! 

We had lunch at an Italian restaurant and then made our way to the Royal Crescent. The particular literary work we were looking at today was Persuasion, written by Jane Austen. We discussed Jane Austen and her novel Persuasion at the Royal Crescent because the book takes place there. Austen also lived in Bath for part of her life. The Royal Crescent is located on a hill and is higher than most of the city. In Persuasion, that is where people of high social class lived which it correlates with the elevation of the place. We held our discussion on a big green space in front of the Royal Crescent. The weather was wonderful and made the conversation about Jane Austen very enjoyable. After our discussion on Persuasion, we finished up our talk on the play Doctor Faustus that we saw last night.

Due to the train delay we weren’t able to make it to other sites we had planned to see, so after we returned to our hostel, a group of us went to discover more of the gorgeous city of Bath! We walked past the Roman Baths and saw the outside of them since they were closed. We also walked past the Jane Austen Centre even though it was closed as well. Catie was sad about not seeing the centre (along with a few others), but maybe there will be another chance to go during our stay here. The group of us who went out discovering Bath ended our day with ice cream and people watching. We are all excited to see what else we will experience during our time in Bath!

Close up of the Royal Crescent
The Royal Crescent
Entrance to Roman Baths
Jane Austen Centre