Today the crew headed further east! We have made it safely to our last destination of our tour– London! We said our farewells to Bath and boarded the 10:34 am train to London Paddington. In just an hour and half it was time for us to learn the next mode of transportation. While we are in London we are going to use the tube which is basically what we know as a subway system. The first ride may have been taunting to a few of us but I can tell that by the end of this week we will all be pros.
The next stop was our hostel that we will be staying at for a whole 6 days. This may not seem super exciting but it is us for us because that means almost a whole week of not carrying our big backpacks around with us. (It really is the simple things.) We quickly dropped our stuff off, caught our breath and hit the road again for some much anticipated London exploration.
We got back on the tube and wound up at Trafalgar Square where the COOLEST UNPLANNED THING HAPPENED! We came up from the underground and noticed a large number of people lined up and policemen everywhere so out of curiosity Jake asked a police officer what was going on and we found out that Prince Charles of Whales and Camilla were going to arrive any moment. Yep, that’s right everyone, our little group from Iowa accidentally ran into a royal sighting. It was SO COOL.
Once we all regained our dignity we went back to the agenda and explored Trafalgar Square. The square is famous for celebrations after wars as well as political protests. In the square there is a large fountain along with a war memorial surrounded by big lions. Lions are a big symbol of England. We spent some time taking pictures and exploring before we headed over to the National Portrait Gallery.
The gallery is filled with many many portraits of extremely important historic figures as well as people from the 20th century. It was cool for us to see portraits of so many of the characters in the literature we have been reading such as Ann Boleyn. We continued our day at the National Gallery which contained some very famous artwork. Artists like Monet, Van Gough and many many others are featured in this huge gallery. So much beautiful art that we didn’t have nearly enough time to explore it all.
We ended the day with a group supper at Nandos. They are well known for their chicken so we decided we would try it out and we were definitely not disappointed. We wanted to watch Eurovision tonight but were unable to find a place sufficient for the group size and demand of Eurovision over the soccer game that was at the same time. Eurovision is a huge performance contest between different countries. The acts are grand and exciting. I would highly suggest just YouTubing some of the acts from past years! You might just be amazed like we were.