We started our day off back at the Globe. Our session was lead by Jo, who is an actress at the Globe. The first part of the session we got a closer look at the theater and talked about the differences in viewing shows held in the Globe. At the performance of Taming of the Shrew, we were on the ground level standing front and center. We used our perspective from last night and compared it to what it would have been like to sit in the different sections of the Globe. We also discussed what it would be like to be an actor on the stage at the Globe. The Globe is an open air theater, so it would be significantly different than acting at a typical theater. The seating also goes almost around the entire stage. With these two factors, people acting on stage need to be aware of how they are seen at all angles and make sure they make a connections with several audience members.

After sitting in the Globe, we went inside to a room where we worked on acting. Jo had us go through various acting exercises to give us a feeling for what it would be like to perform Taming of the Shrew. We did some partner activities working with rhythm and emphasis when reading a scene from the play. These activities entailed us snapping, jumping, and either avoiding or making eye contact with your partner. It was a fun and entertaining way to learn about how actors get into character. We definitely had a lot of laughs this morning during our workshop.

Our afternoon was spent at the British Museum. This museum is so huge that we split up and explored the many exhibits and galleries by ourselves. Before we entered the museum, Dr. Clark talked about how the British Museum and the British Library used to be connected and the same building. Now they are separate, but the reading room is still at the museum. Unfortunately it is not open to the public. We all thought that this was a bummer, because there are so many literary ties to the reading room, including Bram Stoker researching there to write his novel Dracula. Regardless of the reading room being closed, we all enjoyed the exhibits. Some of our class favorites were the ancient Greek and Roman sculptures, mummies from ancient Egypt, the Enlightment exhibit, and the famous Rosetta Stone. Although history didn’t actually come to life like in the movies, our time at the museum was wonderful and we were amazed by all the history that we found ourselves surrounded by today.