Today, on the final free day of the trip, the group is scattered across London and the rest of the coast. We have gorgeous weather: it’s about 18 (that’s 65 in Fahrenheit) and gloriously sunny — a perfect spring Sunday.

Jake is taking advantage of the weather by traveling to the southeast coast to take in the spectacular views of the famous Seven Sisters, pictured below.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The rest of the group is staying in London. Almost everyone plans to visit the London Eye, the giant ferris wheel that provides amazing views of the city. In addition, Elizabeth visited the Wellcome Collection; she also planned to visit the London Dungeon and the Freud Museum. Several others are visiting the Sea Life London Aquarium, and Hillary wants to see Regents Park, which is only three or four blocks north of the hostel, but which we haven’t yet had time to visit.

The London Eye. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

It’s been a wild whirlwind of a trip! Our plans haven’t always worked out as intended, but this group has been wonderfully flexible and adaptable when we’ve needed to change things up. From our 24 hours in O’Hare to delayed trains and the occasional altered daily schedule, these students have always shown positive attitudes and the willingness to go with whatever changes have been necessary. Such flexibility is necessary for any travel, let alone travel in a foreign country, so they’re practicing valuable skills for later in life! May this trip be only one journey of many in their lives, and may their patience and positivity last throughout all their adventures!

The famous dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral, photobombed by the entire class. How’d that happen?